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Dante Rapper Drops Latest Single – “August 25th” Prod. by 9th Wonder

Dante Rapper Drops Latest Single – “August 25th” Prod. by 9th Wonder
Nelie D

Dante Rapper, a budding new Hip-hop artist hailing all the way from London, recently released a banging new original called, “August 25th”, produced by 9th Wonder. It features a well thought-out and masterfully laid out flow with a slow kicking progression that can easily get mad groove going in no time. This is the first track from his upcoming EP entitled, “Crash One”, so if you dig the sound of this one as much as we did then be sure to check that one out! But for now, Hit Play and Enjoy!

Dante Rapper – “August 25th” Prod. by 9th Wonder | Download |

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Nelie D

Occasional drinker, Heavy smoker, Loves the city but finds peace in nature.

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