Dreamstate SoCal Is Shaping Up To Be The Best Trance Festival The USA Has Ever Seen

Dreamstate SoCal Is Shaping Up To Be The Best Trance Festival The USA Has Ever Seen
Alejandro Vega

When Insomniac Events first unveiled Dreamstate 2 years ago, it was met with open arms in the Trance community. Finally after many years the U.S. was getting a Trance-only festival. People didn’t need to buy tickets to EDC, UMF or Tomorrowworld to get their Trance fix at a festival. They rewarded Insomniac with a sold-out Dreamstate; I was standing by my computer early yet still only got a Tier 2 ticket! Since then they’ve expanded to San Francisco weeks before EDC, had a mini tour earlier this year featuring the legendary Paul van Dyk and had a stage dedicated to Trance at EDC.

Now they are pulling out all the stops with their best lineup to date! Headlining the festival is none other than the incredible Armin van Buuren who will also play a second set with his alter ego Gaia. Other artists include Paul van Dyk who will also be doing a brand new production called Aeon, John O’Callaghan who will also team up with fellow Irishman Bryan Kearney for their duo debut Key4050, MaRLo who will unleash Hell with his Tech-Energy set and the debut of the viral family Real Trance Family. They also have psytrance artists such as Ace Ventura, Neelix, Astrix, Captain Hook, Vini Vici and the duo called Coming Soon!!! Also some names that the U.S. rarely gets are Robert Nickson, Roger Shah, Mauro Picotto and Judge Jules.

If you don’t have the money to drop for a trip to the Netherlands for Luminosity Beach Festival then this is your best bet to get the best Trance has to offer. Tickets go on sale 7/10 at 12pm PST!




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