Rich Chigga’s “Who That Be” Gets Turned Into A Dance Floor Hit By Bleu Clair.

Rich Chigga’s “Who That Be” Gets Turned Into A Dance Floor Hit By Bleu Clair.
Sean Campbell

If you are unfamiliar with Bleu Clair, that’s about to change. The Indonesian artist released a stunning new remix of “Who That Be” by Rich Chigga. The producer has been supported by many big names in the scene such as Diplo, DJ Snake, and Herobust, just to name a few. The original song is great and Bleu Clair has created an interesting way to make it much more interesting and viable for the dance floor.

Certain elements of the song come out of nowhere. This track caught me off guard as it kicks off with a fairly conventional and relatable Hip-Hop atmosphere, similar to the original. Then it switches into a more electrifying direction. Tribal Bass released this banging remix yesterday and it’s not one to pass up on.

Rich Chigga – Who Dat Be (CLAIRIFIED by Bleu Clair) | Free Download |

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