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MEOWZA! x Purpedelic Releases Latest Original – “People Of The World”

MEOWZA! x Purpedelic Releases Latest Original – “People Of The World”
Nelie D

Aspiring DJ/Producers, MEOWZA! and Purpedelic recently teamed up for an exciting new collaboration track simply called, “People Of The World”, which was greatly inspired by the need for a strong call-to-action for humanity to stand up and unify especially in these trying times. They have incorporated real instruments in this well laid-out tune with an upbeat groove and a kicking bassline that can easily get you feeling all pumped up and movin in no time. Hit Play and Enjoy!

MEOWZA! x Purpedelic – People Of The World | Download |

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Nelie D

Occasional drinker, Heavy smoker, Loves the city but finds peace in nature.

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