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Modern Bass Masters KRNE x Alexander Lewis Team Up For One Hell Of A Ride With “Grim”

Modern Bass Masters KRNE x Alexander Lewis Team Up For One Hell Of A Ride With “Grim”
Toby Reaper

Sounding like something out of a futuristic action sequence, the new track “Grim” from bass masters KRNE x Alexander Lewis holds plenty of energy with quick synth slices and rumbling bass. It takes a great producer to give a track deep atmospheric spaces while still keeping the clarity, especially in the low end. With this track, you are hearing two of them who know how to do this particularly well. What I can only describe a war horn from a J.J. Abrams film marks the beginning of the track, setting the epic atmosphere and providing a great way to lead into a solid trap beat. If the first drop doesn’t get you, just wait till the second one…and grab the free download below in the meantime.

KRNE x Alexander Lewis – Grim | Free Download |

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