Weekly Rising Talent: Slap Pack Vol. 1

Weekly Rising Talent: Slap Pack Vol. 1
Nelie D

We are excited to introduce to you our newest weekly series called, SLAP PACK. This particular series will feature an eclectic selection of songs that have been submitted via our submission system. The songs chosen are and will be the hidden gems that clearly and undeniably stood out amidst the others that we have received and reviewed over the course of the week.

Here are the tracks, which have outshone the rest and really caught our ears’ attention, for this week’s Slap Pack Vol. 1:

INDO really got the juices flowing with his bounced up version of Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam”. A nice fast paced throwback track with a cool electronic feel to it that could really kick-start the energy of any night.

INDO – Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam” (Remix) | Download |

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RCKT PWR‘s latest track for their second series of FreebieFridays, a remix of Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “Gotta Have It”, might just be the one to answer the question “What you need?” Definitely has some of the dopest drops my ears have ever heard so far.

RCKT PWR – Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “Gotta Have It” (Bootleg) | Download |

“Follow” RCKT PWR: | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud |

PAIRanoid‘s unique rendition of Goldroom’s “Til Sunrise” is a total major flip, ultimately giving it a completely different and pretty interesting context. Dark, eerie and grimey, a far cry from the vibes of the original.

PAIRanoid – Goldroom’s “Til Sunrise” (Remix) | Download |

“Follow” PAIRanoid: | Soundcloud |

Emerson Garnett got the feels rolling right from the start and just kept building on it as the tune progressed. It has an addictive ambient feel to it that would surely get you pressing the play button over and over again.

Emerson Garnett – Ex Boyfriend’s Remix of Laurel’s “Shell” (Future Flip)| Download |

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Joey Massa‘s BLVCKOUTS Twerk Mix was recorded live in a mixing session at Sweden’s Radio 100.6 last November 21. This 32-minute set has a great collection of tracks, creatively arranged for your twerked up pleasure.

Joey Massa – BLVCKOUTS Twerk Mix | Download |

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Cinto got the bass kicking right from the get go and that definitely set the mood for his take on Galantis’ “Runaway (U & I)”. Energy and atmosphere just kept getting better as the tune progressed, with glitched up vocals and layers after layers of synths.

Cinto – Galantis’ “Runaway (U & I)” (Remix) | Download |

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Boehm has the perfect track for some laidback fun with his remix of James Bay’s “Let It Go”. A smooth chilled out track oozing with good vibes, with a great sax sample, perfect for some of those hangout sessions with friends on a sunny afternoon.

Boehm – James Bay’s “Let It Go” (Remix) | Download |

“Follow” Boehm: | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud |

Inquisitive‘s latest original mix, aptly named, “Crunchtime”, really pumps the whole atmosphere up and gets the energy flowing, with his creative and revved up drum work. Get ready to be all hyped up once you hit that red button.

Inquisitive – Crunchtime | Download |

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Andiba decided to rework one of Porter Robinson’s hit, “Fresh Static Snow”, and really went at it. He has taken the song into a whole new depth, that I would have never imagined possible. The reverb of those deep guttural synths pretty much did it for me.

Andiba – Porter Robinson’s “Fresh Static Snow” (Rework) | Download |

“Follow” Andiba: | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud |

Vilesso latest original mix, “Last Days of Summer”, which was released via Sparks Global Records, created an unwavering flow of warm, melodic and overall happy good vibes. It has an infectious energy that would surely keep you coming back for more.

Vilesso – Last Days of Summer | Buy |

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Made Monster‘s take on ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday” Feat. Drake could possibly be one of the slickest remixes I’ve ever heard of the song, so far. They got the builds and drops nailed pretty hard on the head. Overall groove is just slayin.

Made Monster – ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday” Feat. Drake (Remix) | Download |

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Do you want to be featured on next week’s SLAP PACK? Submit your song through our submission page right here.




Nelie D

Occasional drinker, Heavy smoker, Loves the city but finds peace in nature.

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